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I was recently certified by Autodesk as a Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert or ICE. I have worked in the Civil Engineering industry since 1987. In 1994 I started my consulting business doing training and consulting for Civil Engineering customers utilizing Autodesk civil engineering technology. I started L.A. CAD in 1999 and we are currently the 3rd largest Autodesk partner in the U.S. Studied Civil Engineering at Long Beach State, graduated in 1996.

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Friday, January 26, 2007


Civil 3D and Land Desktop Knowledge Trax Assessments Complete

Assessments for Civil 3D and Land Desktop are complete. Contact L.A. CAD to assess your skills with these technologies and determine what training is appropriate.


With our exclusive Knowledge Trax assessment technology, the training for your firm can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the users. This highly customizable pre and post-assessment and screening technology allows employers to EVALUATE employees’ knowledge gaps, IDENTIFY and deliver appropriate training to help them ACHIEVE more.

The question bank in Knowledge Trax categorizes the questions so we can identify the exact subject matter where knowledge gaps exist for each user. The assessments coupled with our exclusive modular training curriculum for Civil 3D and Land Desktop finally enables a company to train their individuals on exactly what they need by grouping like individuals into the appropriate modules of training. The question bank categories match the modules of training we deliver to fill in the knowledge gaps.

L.A. CAD will credit the value of the assessments toward your training investment, or you can simply assess your users to obtain valuable results to see where you stand with your knowledge of the technology.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Seminar: Civil 3D Label Styles to meet Agency Requirements

We have built many Civil 3D Label Styles for many Southern California firms to meet the requirements set forth by their customers. We have a Free seminar being offered where we will take a look at some of these Label Styles and learn what it took to create them.

To register, click here:

Out of the box, Civil 3D will most likely not deliver the labels that meet the requirements of your clients or your own internal standards. L.A. CAD has been involved in implementing Civil 3D and building custom label styles for several companies in Southern California that do meet the requirements of internal CAD Standards and agency requirements. In this seminar, we will take a look at some complete (and fairly complicated) label styles that meet these requirements and learn the details as to how they were composed. You will not only learn how to create these unique label styles but you will learn how to automate the production of these labels by understanding Feature Settings in Civil 3D that can automatically place these labels when you produce your design. You will also learn how to capture these label styles so you can re-use from drawing to drawing or project to project.

Topics will include:
-Creating Custom Labels
-Label Style Composer
-Layout State versus Dragged State
-Label components
-Label Sets
-Label Groups
-Text Component Editor
-Using Expressions in Labels
-Feature Settings
-Controlling Layers and Text Styles

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Map 3D Webcast - Taking AutoCAD to the next Level

Click on the lin below to register.

Map 3D sits on top of AutoCAD, exists in both Civil 3D and Land Desktop and is probably the one of the most underused programs from Autodesk. This webcast is geared toward automating basic drafting features that we may attempt to do in vanilla AutoCAD but are much easier in Autodesk Map.

* Multi-user Access to .dwgs
* Drawing Clean Up Tools – build topology on the fly; set tolerances, etc.(ex: closed polygon)
* Feature Classification - generating reports(ex: Bill of Materials)
* Working with Other File Types - shp, dsg, dbconnect
* Image Draping
* Map Stylization/Theming(ex: show topology feature in Map that creates the polygon)
* Integration with New MapGuide Enterprise(ex: sdf)


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