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I was recently certified by Autodesk as a Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert or ICE. I have worked in the Civil Engineering industry since 1987. In 1994 I started my consulting business doing training and consulting for Civil Engineering customers utilizing Autodesk civil engineering technology. I started L.A. CAD in 1999 and we are currently the 3rd largest Autodesk partner in the U.S. Studied Civil Engineering at Long Beach State, graduated in 1996.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Data Shortcut Projects from 2008 to 2009

Since Data Shortcuts have become much more friendly in 2009 and viable I might add... to boot, I do know of several of our customers that used 2008 data shortcuts in Civil 3D. We need to find out how easily Data Shortcuts setup in 2008 will transfer to 2009. What I have discovered is in 2008 if I create a "_Shortcuts" folder with appropriate sub-folders (Alignments, Surfaces, Pipe Networks, etc) and store the correct XML files in those sub folders, then the Data Shortcut Project seems to transfer pretty well from 2008 to 2009. I found a few minor glitches that are easy to fix and probably unavoidable.

I think the biggest challenge for folks will be putting their XML files from C3D 2008 into a "_Shortcuts" folder. The reason (if you don't know) why we want them in this specific folder is because Civil 3D 2009 creates this folder automatically under the Data Shortcut Project folder. This is the place it looks for all the XML files representing these Data Shortcuts.

If you decide to move a project from C3D 2008 to 2009, you should consider storing your XML files in this specific location in 2008 prior to moving them. There may be another way, but this did seem to work for me.

Posted by DannyCounts @ 7:37 AM


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 3:33 AM
The Data Shortcut Editor has a provision to migrate 2008 shortcuts to an existing 2009 Shortcut Folder.

DSE is bundled with Civil 3D 2009.

Posted by Blogger DannyCounts : 7:51 AM
The Data Shortcuts Editor (DSE) is definitely a nice addition to editing Shortcut names, paths, and associating the matching via name and handle. It appears that DSE will find the XML files that represent the data shortcut between drawings provided those XML files exist below the "project" folder or "data shortcut" folder.

I have reviewed this tool for several days now and there does not seem to be a specific command that directly migrates a 2008 Shortcut project to 2009. However, in the DSE, you can open a 2008 project to find the Shortcuts as mentioned above. If you decide you want to mimic the Shortcut folders in 2009, you can use the Find & Replace tool in the Data Shortcuts Editor to try and achieve this by updating the folders. There still seem to be a few weird occurances here that I am trying to figure out.

Ensuring this 2008 project shows up in the 2009 prospector is another story. I am researching this to see how I can set the Data Shortcuts folder. If this commentor knows of a more direct way to easily migrate a 2008 to 2009 data shortcut project, please comment once again.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 11:09 PM
Load 2008 shortcuts in the editor and do a "Save As...". This will migrate 2008 shortcuts to a 2009 shortcut folder properly.

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