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I was recently certified by Autodesk as a Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert or ICE. I have worked in the Civil Engineering industry since 1987. In 1994 I started my consulting business doing training and consulting for Civil Engineering customers utilizing Autodesk civil engineering technology. I started L.A. CAD in 1999 and we are currently the 3rd largest Autodesk partner in the U.S. Studied Civil Engineering at Long Beach State, graduated in 1996.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Autodesk Gunslinger Event

Although I cannot say much about it, I think it is safe to say I am currently at an Autodesk Gunslinger event working through features for the next version of Civil 3D.

I have been to several Autodesk Gunslinger events, mainly for Land Desktop from R1 to R3 when I was in the Autodesk AEC Consultant Program (formerly Softdesk Registered Consultant) although I did attend an early Civil 3D Gunslinger many moons ago.

Basically what we do is we get an overview of a feature by a capable Autodesk representative, then we get to hack away at it to see if we can break it and log all the relevant issues we can find. Many times as we are hacking away, we finally figure out it was user error, not the software. There is some fantastic productivity improvements coming soon... can I say that? I think I just did. I didn't say what for though.

While I am here, I will have the priveledge of going skiing in New Hampsire (Pat's Peak) with some of our friends like Dave and Dan. Never been there before, so that will be treat!

It was also quite a treat attending a Gunslinger with James Wedding and Donald Broussard! I love their honest feedback and candor!

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