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I was recently certified by Autodesk as a Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert or ICE. I have worked in the Civil Engineering industry since 1987. In 1994 I started my consulting business doing training and consulting for Civil Engineering customers utilizing Autodesk civil engineering technology. I started L.A. CAD in 1999 and we are currently the 3rd largest Autodesk partner in the U.S. Studied Civil Engineering at Long Beach State, graduated in 1996.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


VAULT with Sheet Set Manager; Additional Post

In regards to the last posting on utilizing Vault with Sheet Set Manager, I received some more feedback from a few individuals. Namely, James Wedding with Engineered Efficiency as well as a customer from Hawaii.

If you choose to utilize Sheet Set Manager ONLY to organize your files for Plotting, Publishing, or perhaps for Etransmitting a set of drawings, you could go ahead and check your Plan Set Drawings into Vault. Just remember, if you do check these files into Vault, you should NOT be opening files from Sheet Set Manager. If you do, my colleague on this post called it more of a "dirty open" because you would have to change the permissions, etc. We don't recommend this.

So, to reiterate from the above and some previous posts. When you create the Sheet Set, if you have already checked your Plan Set files into Vault, you can create the Sheet Set from the drawings in your "Working Folder". However, do not open the drawings from your Working Folder to make changes. In order to make changes to your Plan Set drawings, if you check them into Vault, use the Check-out feature from Vault. Then, you can utilize Sheet Set Manager for batch plotting, batch transmitting, etc.

Keep in mind, the above recommendation would be for companies that do not currently utilize Sheet Set Manager to Open and Close files. I do know some firms that really like to use Sheet Set Manager for opening and closing files, nearly all the time. If you REALLY want to leverage Sheet Set Manager for opening and closing files, then the above recommendation would NOT be for you. You can refer back to the earlier post on Vault with Sheet Set Manager.

Please let me know if you have any additional comments.

Posted by DannyCounts @ 4:00 PM


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